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Pool Openings

Opening service includes:

  • Drain and remove winter cover and accessories, clean, fold and store (if dry)
  • Bag leaves and debris and bring to curb side for disposal 
  • Install all return fittings and deck accessories
  • Clean scumline, and coping, steps, and skimmer
  • Scoop any visible debris from inside pool
  • Treatment of water with up to 20L Liquid Chlorine
  • Hose off perimeter deck (up to 4' around pool)

System start-up includes:

  • Reassemble filter and plumbing accessories
  • Check for visible leaks at equipment pad and repair if necessary (up to 30 minutes, cost of parts not included)
  • Assure filtration system is working and running as designed


  • Initial vacuum of pool (results will vary based on clarity of water) - $75 per hour
  • Additional features (Waterfall, Deck Jets, Auto-fill etc) - From $25 each
  • Open attached spa - $100 extra
  • Additional chemicals may be required if water is in poor condition